This is not a joke…Meet Alexander Jay

This dude is 100% for real…watching this video makes me want to go hide in a corner somewhere with a blanket over my head until it’s over.

This kid seriously sat down, wrote out these lyrics, produced what can only be described as a diarrhea beat, recorded it, shot a video and put it out on Youtube all while under the delusional impression that it sounded good. In this dude’s mind, this was a good idea…seriously boggles my fucking brain.

It gets better though…he has MORE videos! Get used to seeing this clown on the site. It’s clear that he must not have a single friend in the world, because if he did have a friend, I would hope they’d have the decency to look Alexander Jay in the eyes and say, “Stop it. You’re miserable attempt at being a rapper is fucking embarrassing. For the love of God, just stop.” Since it seems that he has no one in his life decent enough to tell him the truth, I believe it is our duty to enlighten him. Leave a comment for Alexander Jay, and tell him exactly what you think about his “art.”

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