Young Lou – Summertime

I imagine it probably went a little something like this…

Lou’s 1 Friend: “Hey Lou! What do you feel like doing today?”

Young Lou: “Let’s play rapper!”

Lou’s 1 Friend: “OK! How do you play that?”

Young Lou: “I’ll go grab a tank top, anything that says Polo and a snapback, you grab your laptop and your mom’s video camera! Yay!”

Lou’s 1 Friend: “I got everything, now what?”

Young Lou: “You play the only 3 chords you know on the guitar and I’ll write down the first words that pop into my head and happen to rhyme . As soon as that’s done, we’ll need to find a rooftop and someplace close to a shitty man made pond to shoot the video.”

Lou’s 1 Friend: “Don’t you think people will make fun of us? Ya know, because of how lame we are and how bad we suck?”

Young Lou: “That’s crazy. At the end of the video I’ll just say “Don’t judge me” a couple times and we’ll be fine….We’re gonna get so many chicks man!!”

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