Tim Nihan VS. RiFF RaFF – Larry Bird


Two delusional whack ass white rappers, two stupid fucking songs called Larry Bird…which one’s worse? The next video with either of these two clowns that mentions Larry Bird better be titled, “Larry Bird smokes 2 idiots in the face with cement basketballs!”

2 Replies to Tim Nihan VS. RiFF RaFF – Larry Bird

  1. You should check out the rest of Nihan’s stuff before you make a judgement based off one song. That song was clearly made to be a dumbed down catchy song. Check for his other stuff via youtube.com/pipedreammusicgroup and then give your opinion again. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      You got the “dumbed down” part right…I think you just might be a little confused on the definition of “catchy.” We checked out some more of Nihan’s music, and boy I gotta say, thank you for the good laughs and the GREAT material for this site. We will be posting much much more of Nihan’s “music!”

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