Buying Youtube Views…Exposed

Gigg – Whatchu Tryna Prove

So, there is a relatively new phenomenon that revolves around buying Youtube “views,” Facebook “likes,” and Twitter “followers” that has surfaced in the past couple months. I’d like to go ahead and shine some light on this topic, specifically in regards to Youtube.

To be clear, this has actually been going on for a couple years, but only in the past 6 months have people become aware of this dishonest/sketchy tactic. To be fair, artists (and businesses) have been doing this for a while, but initially not everyone had the ability or means to purchase these social media measurement tools because they used to be pretty damn expensive. But, as it normally goes in the online community, copycat businesses sprung up all over the web, chalked full of developers who figured out how to sell social media measurements. With new companies offering these services came increased competition and therefore made the price much much lower. The majority of these companies use the same tactics which involve bots or help from overseas. Here is how you can normally catch someone who has bought Youtube “views.”

1. A ton of “views” but very few “likes” or “comments.” A good unit of measurement for independent artists is 1 comment for every 300-500 views. For example, if a video has 50,000 views, it should have approximately 100-170 comments. Additionally, a fair assessment for “likes” (or dislikes) should be about 1 for every 100 views.

Now, obviously, people caught onto this pretty quick. So companies started selling “comments” and “likes” along with “views.” It made it a little more tricky to catch, but you can still look for a few things that’ll tip it off.

2. If it seems like a good majority of comments were left by people who don’t speak English, then you’ve found a culprit of buying comments. Many of these companies outsource the work to India, so if you see a comment like, “dope the music. big of fan you” or “good is really so video song, like me it much” then odds are, they bought comments.

3. If the song/video absolutely sucks (and not to the point where it’s comical) and it has a ton of views, odds are they bought views. Plain and simple.

The reason I felt the need to expose this practice is that it really isn’t fair to actual good musicians who aren’t willing to cheat to get ahead. Not to mention, it’s just ¬†fucking lame, man. The video posted above is from some whack assed wannabe rapper named “Gigg.” Although his comment ratio kiiind of checks out, refer to #3 and it’s clear that we have ourselves a LAME ASS CHEATER. “Whatchu Tryna Prove,” Gigg? Remember everyone, don’t let the number of “views” sway your opinion of an artist. If it’s good, it’s good, and if it’s bad it’s GIGG!

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  1. nigga wtf are u saying!!! im a part of the Roo-Kroo and rap with Gigg u can even see me in his videos and spittin on his tracks u bum ass nigga. Gigg does not buy any views i put that on my mom’s ashes and on my life. you might not think hes good cause ur a douche bag with no life and no taste in music and probably failed at ur music carrear so u try to put my boy on blast smh ur a pathetic peace of garbage. follow me on twitter and listen to our songs. and look at all of our friends al followers then youll realize this guy is a lame lying piece of shit. listen to our new song also.

  2. Carl says:

    Gigg and Derek Saint Nino, you may not have bought views, but this article does make a good point that there are a lot of artists that do. Aside from that, I’m going to have to agree that this song is pretty bad.

  3. Sammy Dub says:

    Absolutely no way 11,000 people watched this garbage…just sayin.

  4. sammy dub suck a dick cause 11,000 people really did Gigg has alot more of a following than u faggots think stop hating on him and let him do his thing u sherm

  5. Yo how bout y’all take the tampon out , you have nothing better to do than to point out the negatives to people you do not even know, you must be 700 pounds and seen no type of puss in your lame ass taco bell of a life. Just because your bitch asses do not like the video doesnt matter because 11,000 people do! Numbers don’t lie , you make a video and let’s see if your lame ass 100-170 ration per mcnugget ass whale dick “checks” out. For you to actually have a website about this shit makes me laugh , hit the gym porker.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Who ever wrote this article clearly stated he only thought the views were bought because they thought that Gigg was to shitty of a rapper to have 11,000 people watch his video which if you listen to all of his music is not the case at all. The author even says his comment to view ratio theory “checks out” (whatever that whole state even meant) so obviously who ever wrote this is misinformed of the artists skill because he does in fact have a substantial fan base. Your flawed opinion of an artists talent should not warrant a personal attack like this. TEAM GIGG

  7. ZMUrda says:

    @Nico MOTHER FUCKING Bersis….1, I can all but guarantee the writer of this blog has gotten more “puss” than you and your crew combined. 2. Numbers do lie, that’s the point how many views does Rebecca Black have? It’s not because its good, people view terrible videos all the time because its funny to see how miserable some artist are. Don’t just look at views to judge an artist. 3. The writer of this blog does not claim to be an artist/muscian so why would he make a video? 4. This website is a brilliant idea, people are suppose to come here for laughs…again Rebecca Black, Chocolate rain dude, alot of shitty music blows up on YouTube because people watch it over and over again for laughs. I do not know anything about Gigg, but that song is straight garbage.

  8. Tyler says:

    I like to have sex with dudes.

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