Cato “Clown Shoes” Schaefer

Cato of Last Call Recordings is a Clown

This is what it looks like when someone buys Youtube views. Notice 4 “likes” and 1 comment, yet somehow we are supposed to believe this piece of shit video was viewed 18,000 times…in a couple days, no less (see the statistic graph)!

Cato, get a grip! Do you honestly think people are that dumb? The rest of your videos average 50 views a piece. This dude is honestly the epitome of a cake ass wannabe rapper living in a delusional world fueled by his awkward narcissism, most likely due to his mother telling him he was “special” growing up instead of doing the right thing and telling him the harsh truth that he is 100% average in every way imaginable. Here’s a video (one of very few he hasn’t taken down since we started exposing him a few days ago) that shows just how warped this dude’s mind is…

Notice how Cato compares his “#Stayfly Saturdays” to the likes of Mike Stud and Timeflies…this dude honestly believes, in his pathetic feeble mind, that he’s on the same level as those guys who are selling out headlining tours. Cato, you’re 28 years-old. You’re way on the wrong side of 25 to still be trying to gain success as a college rapper. Quit. If anyone ever sees this dude in person, please walk right up to him, stare him dead in the eye and call him Clown Shoes.

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  1. KIDS WACK says:

    hahahahhahahaha this kid has to be kidding me

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