Cato – Nominated For Worst Rapper Alive

“Meet Cato, a delusional emcee who could easily be an internet troll sensation…if only he wasn’t 100% dead serious. We are nominating Cato for the prestigious award of Worst Rapper Alive 2012…read below to find out why he is so qualified.”

1. His haircut…we realize this has nothing to do with his music, but at the same time, how can you ignore the train-wreck on top of his head?

2. Miserably shot music video…seriously, one of the worst…ever.

3. He pathetically purchsed Youtube views…and not even enough to seem liegit, just enough to seem a little less than average. In addition, his Facebook fan page has roughly 18,000 “likes” while his videos average less than 300 views…something doesn’t add up.

4. Lyrically at the level of a 4th grade child…”When I walk into the room, you see the camera zoom/When I step into the light, all you hear is Ooooo…”

5. The only thing more embarrassing than his flow (or lack there of) is his use of the term “buckwild” in the chorus. Seriously, listening to him rap is like listening to a small child with a stutter read aloud from The New York Times.

Now Let’s Break Down Cato’s “Music Video.”

Here’s a word of advice for all you aspiring musicians. If you feel the need to use live footage from your open mic performance, make sure you film from angles that don’t show the 3 person crowd…kinda lose any shred of credibility your fauxhawk didn’t already eliminate when you talk about rocking a crowd and pan the camera to show 3 people clearly being polite.

As if that iMovie music video wasn’t awkward enough, Cato decided to pour salt in the wound and release a behind the scenes video, showcasing all the videos “highlights.” When you watch the behind the scenes video, it kind of makes you sad to actually see how delusional this guy really is about his rap “career.”

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