Farrah Abraham – Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom

Looking to get a record deal? You’re going to need tremendous talent, an insatiable work ethic and a little bit of luck, right? Not in this day and age. Apparently getting knocked up at 16 and exploiting your pregnancy on MTV makes you more qualified to be a pop star than having any amount of discernible talent these days. We’re all fucking doomed.

This is the first (and hopefully last…) single from Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham. It sounds like auto-tuned sound-clips of her giving birth over some shitty techno-trance beat. Farrah may be “getting up from rock bottom” but the music industry just hit theirs. I can honestly say this is the worst song I’ve ever heard…so I’m sure it will be a huge hit. If this isn’t a sure tell sign that the Mayans were spot on about the world ending this year, then I don’t know what is! We’re all fucked.


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