Forbes List of 10 Highest Paid DJs…#7 Pauly D

Over the past 12 months, the world’s ten highest paid DJs pulled in over $125 million…more than the payroll of the Los Angeles Lakers. And what’s even worse; Pauly Fucking D came in at #7, raking in $11 million from “Dj-ing.”

I recently, unwillingly had the (dis) pleasure of watching a Pauly D DJ set. Aside from fist pumping and playing a glorified EDM Pandora station, the king of GTL spent the majority of his time on stage spraying the crowd with Champagne and rattling off “clever” guido inspired catch phrases. It was hands down one of the dumbest things I’ve ever witnessed. This is what’s wrong with the music industry…wanna book Pauly D? It’ll cost you a cool $100,000 MINIMUM! Meanwhile, I know about a thousand starving artists with more talent in their dick hair who all struggle to get people out to their shows. I hate everyone.

forbes highest paid DJs

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