Krispy Kreme – The Fight

It seems like the whole Krispy Kreme craze has died down quite a bit after being exposed as an internet troll a few weeks back. 90% of his appeal for me was trying to figure out if he was for real or not…finding out that it was all a big joke was like finding out that that Santa Clause, The Tooth Fairy and Slash all aren’t real. I do still enjoy his videos though, and I’m just going to keep on pretending that Kripsy Kreme (aka Tyler Cassidy) is just some podunk town inbred redneck with big dreams of making it as a rapper. I also think it’s hilarious that he dressed up like his favorite rapping wrestler, John Cena…check out this awkward and embarrassing video of a staged John Cena rap battle that will make you want to throw your computer at a kitten.

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