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No one posts more annoying Facebook statuses than wannabe rappers…if only Facebook would allow the FU button (trademarked), we could all tell them exactly how we feel about their “highly anticipated” new song dropping with just the click of a button. Ever see one of those statuses that says something along the lines of, “If this status get 100 likes, I’ll release a new track tonight!” That would be a perfect opportunity to use the “FU button.” How about if your status gets 100 likes, you’ll quit pretending to be a rapper and read a book? I bet you that would get 100 likes real quick! I’ll like your stupid status if you give me some real incentive outside of you releasing one of your poor excuses for a song…how about, if I like your status, the next time I see you, I get to brand your ass with a cattle prod? Deal?

If you smell what I’m stepping in and want to get down with one of these swanky tanks, click the link below and pre-order one of these bad boys. We will be printing 10 at a time in a limited release, so once we hit 10 pre-orders, we’ll ship them out. $20 covers your tank top and shipping and handling. First come, first serve.

Pre-Order the BMAD “F Your Status” Tank Top

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