PSY – Gangham Style

No idea what this dude is saying or why he was allowed to make this video…but that’s fucking Asians for ya!! Best dance moves I’ve ever seen. You can catch me in the club going Gangham Style from now until October, 2014.

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  1. PC from Kepler-22b says:

    We need to put this in its proper context. When viewed through the prism of “Asian Pop Music,” which I know absolutely nothing about, but I do know some Asian people and they seem fine, PSY really isn’t so bad. Here’s my foundation for this belief.

  2. admin says:

    HAHAHA, Kepler, you are absolutely right! I actually did some research on PSY. His name comes from the American word “psycho” and he is known in Korea for being wild and eccentric. The term “Gangham Style” actually refers to the rich upper-class in Korea and this video was meant to make fun of those people. After watching some more PSY videos, I must admit, I became a fan. The guys is actually pretty fucking funny! Regardless though, the video belongs on this site…but not nearly as much as the link you posted!

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