Steezy – Pudding Smile

A couple weeks ago, we posted 10 videos all from artists named Steezy¬†and asked you guys who was the worst…this guy is our winner. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about posting his video because he strikes me as someone who is just unstable enough to hunt me down and harvest my organs.¬†Pretty sure this dude needs to be on close watch 24 hours a day…kind of seems like all the warning signs of a homicidal maniac are evident in this video.

Aside from the raw lack of any discernible talent, this Steezy topped our list as the worst because of his raunchy lyrics delivered with the confidence of a pre-puebesecent band geek….Steezy, please don’t murder me.

Best line in his rap…..“Tell your girl to stay a while/She always leaves my place with a pudding smile.”


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