Tesher – The Hookup (feat. Justin Timberlake)…wait, WHAT?

Here’s a popular trend bad “artists” use in order to try and boost their views. Make a song “featuring” a very famous mainstream artist…you’re not fooling anyone, pal. The odds of Justin Timberlake hopping on this track are about the same odds as Katy Perry showing up butt naked at my doorstep. Quit trying to be sneaky! No one is going to believe you, and it makes you look ridiculous. If you’re going to remix a song, just call it a remix, don’t say “featuring so and so.” I can just picture it….

Tesher“Hey dude, check out my new track featuring Justin Timberlake!”

Anyone Else on Earth“There is no chance that you have a song with Justin Timberlake and even less of a chance that I will ever listen to one of your songs.” 

Tesher“Nuh Uh! Justin Timberlake is totally on my song…hater!”

Anyone Else on Earth – (punches Tesher in the stomach, and walks away)

Seriously, this song is horrendous. Really glad he decided to post the lyrics with the video though…truly some thought provoking, mind-blowing lyricism going on here.

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  1. Tesher says:

    I’m literally not even offended at this, this is too funny. At my defense, I’ll just say I did this song with my friends one night for fun to show to the rest of our friends. I thought it would be obvious to them and anyone else that Justin Timberlake wasn’t an original feature, I mean if it was an original feature you’d hear about it all over the place and I’d be famous as hell! I didn’t call it a remix because, well, I didn’t want people to think I was trying to add a bit to a famous song, the goal was to interpolate parts of this song into a new context to be looked at separately. So yeah, just for people like you I changed up the video description and although you’ll probably still bash me whatever I say, I’ll just say that after looking at the site I can safely say I make fun of all the same things you guys do! I’m not one of them, and the fact that I’ve been looked at in this light brings me too many laughs to make me feel even remotely offended. Basically I’m just trying to say that this a misunderstanding that I’m too amused at to try and resolve thoroughly haha.

    Love the website, I’ll let you know when there’s any more bad music from me for you guys to check out! haha,

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