Who is the Worst Artist Named “Steezy?”

It has come to my attention that there is a community of shitty/delusional “rappers” all calling themselves “Steezy.” I’m not sure if they are some sort of deaf cult or if this is purely the world’s least interesting coincidence…anyway, only ONE Steezy can be crowned the WORST Steezy, check out the videos below and help us decide!

Contestant #1:

Contestant #2:

* Important side note to take into consideration, this Steezy’s debut mixtape was titled “Steezier Said Than Done…”

Contestant #3:

Contestant #4:

Contestant #5:

Contestant #6:

Contestant #7:

* Important lyric to consider: “I’ll eat your ass and leave no crumbs…”

Contestant #8:

Contestant #9:

Contestant #10:

2 Replies to Who is the Worst Artist Named “Steezy?”

  1. John Bon Jovi says:

    Your a fag and have no right to call these bad rappers! I take it up the ass every night listening to them wishing I had talent like them.

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