World Trayd – Like A Hampster

I’m amazed this video hasn’t gone viral…If you like Lil B, RiFF RaFF, 2 Chainz, giving yourself a dutch oven, etc., you’ll really enjoy this song and video. Check out this dude’s video description from Youtube:

Track dedicated to my haters all those that look like a hamster and all those that don’t fresh track delivered to you straight follow your boy on twitter @worldtrayd world trayd aka mamma ape world trayd music world trayd management gett on me when you can always hard with those hamster haters and my fans. Stayin on the management game but producin a mixtape with my boys put myself out there and gonna go ham like 100 hamsters dont lie hahaha. Aye my boy DMiller held down with me again on this one check him out he has got his own thing comin so look for that and your boy Wolrd Trayd.

2 Replies to World Trayd – Like A Hampster

  1. imceobitch says:

    You could record my three your old daughter talking about ANY SUBJECT IN THE WORLD, add some cuss words, and make a better song than this. I’m all about World Trayd pursuing the American Dream, but this is a nightmare!

  2. World Trayd Management says:

    check out my new album World Trayd – Blowin up, dropping September 11th

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