Chief Keef…that’s that dude I don’t like

Aside from coming out with one of the most annoying and overused lines currently in rap music, I hate Chief Keef for the same reasons I hate Lil B, Riff Raff, Waka Flocka 2 Chainz, etc…They are simply clowns making a mockery of the music industry, but instead of being the butt of the joke, they are coming out on top due to the public’s inability to look away for even a second. These artists are the “Jersey Shore” of music; a goddamn train-wreck that no one can seem to stop watching. Not to mention, everywhere you look, websites like are promoting the shit out of all these guys alllll day (Guess why, kids? Because posting these artists drive traffic to their sites!).

So, when I saw Rich Young just released a video mocking the average video you’ll find on, I breathed a sweet sigh of chief keef relief knowing I wasn’t alone in thinking this shit has gotten out of hand.

On a side-note, has anyone seen this Obama x Chief Keef Parody? Looks like we’re all going to have to hear about “shit people don’t like” for a while. Fantastic.

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