Chris Brown’s New Tattoo…

Chris Brown battered woman Tattoo

Soooo, Chris Brown got a tattoo of a battered woman’s face on his neck. He claims it is to serve as a reminder to everyone that he once beat the living shit out of a woman (Rihanna). The face looks eerily similar to the pictures taken of Rihanna after Brown went to town on her face a couple years back…but of course, he denies that to be true.

Personally, I think the tattoo looks like a perfect target for a man’s fist. I believe Brown got this tattoo to tell everyone who sees him exactly where they should punch him; right in jugular. As penance for being arguably the biggest piece of shit in the entertainment industry, I believe everyone who comes in contact with Chris Brown should get one free haymaker to that ugly ass tattoo on the side of his stupid fucking neck.

P.S. Sweet hair and awesome beard, you festering pile of shit.

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