Frat Rap Boy Band

BMAD | Frat rap Boy Band

It’s only a matter of time before we see the debut of a frat rap boy band. I’m sure somewhere in a secret lab at one of the majors, they’re cooking up some cookie-cutter boy band full of adolescent rappers in snap-backs and high tops. But why waste all that time and effort trying to build from scratch, when you could make a killing pulling some of the biggest names from the blog scene and throwing them into a group together.

Shit, any girl from ages 7-18 is going to be an instant loyal fan. When you combine that with Mike Stud’s fanbase of 12-16 year-old male virgins, Hoodie Allen’s hold on hipsters and mainstream appeal (shit even my mom likes Hoodie), Machine Gun Kelly’s die hard alleginace of “power ragers,” Sammy Adam’s brotherhood of drunken brain dead frat bros and Jake Miller’s dad’s money, you literally have a fucking goldmine! These five together cover every demographic known to man and I firmly believe they would eclipse any previous record for touring, sales, merchandise, etc. held by former boy bands.

Get at me if you need a manager, I’d love to take 15% of a billion dollars.

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