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Last week, the Twitter account @FuckMusicBlogs tweeted at me that he was a fan of the site. Always nice to hear…but after further review of his account, I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that made me question exactly what I am doing with BadMusicAllDay.com…allow me to elaborate.

As you can see in the tweets above, this self proclaimed “music theorist” recently decided to attack as many music blogs as humanly possible via Twitter. I don’t fault his strategy, as controversy and feuds can often help build an audience quickly, rather I take issue with his execution. First, what grounds does this guy have for taking such an angry, hateful and immature approach to “calling out” these blogs? What is he doing to help better the music community he is so upset with and where can we see this “highly educated, music enthusiast’s” credentials? I find it highly unlikely that this kid is as educated as he claims to be, otherwise, why would he resort to 4th grade playground name-calling tactics in order to prove his point (whatever that may be)? The way I see it, this is a prime example of an angry young man upset with never being invited to the cool kids’ birthday parties seeking revenge on those who chose to exclude him (although, I’m sure they had their reasons).

What bothers me most about @FuckMusicBlogs (whoever you are), is the fact that I feel somewhat responsible for inspiring this invidious idiot. Call it narcissistic or egotistical, but this kid was clearly familiar with BMAD before entering into his Twitter tower of hate.

Fuck Music Blogs

I imagine he saw the blog, thought it was funny and wanted in on the action, so he decided to create his own Twitter account and emulate what he thinks it is that I’m doing…but he got it all wrong.

I spent months working on trying to decipher the most suitable tone for the site, as to not spew unwarranted hatred or personally attack anyone, but rather poke fun, call people out on their bullshit, provide constructive critiques, make people laugh and expose fraudulent trends in the music scene to educate audiences and keep them informed. I thought this website could serve a purpose contributing to the greater good of the music community by doing all of these things…but this scornful snake hiding behind his computer screen has made me question whether this blog is serving the greater good or motivating a movement of disgruntled youths to pollute this blog scene with their jealous vile.

My biggest issue with this kid is how he contradicts himself and consequently lumps himself into the same category of the people he claims to hate.

By tweeting at successful music blogs in the hopes of evoking a response, aren’t you essentially doing the same thing as these blogs who tweet their articles to artists? I’d argue that that is exactly what you are doing, only in a more pathetic fashion as you have nothing to offer other than ignorant hateful remarks.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: Fuck you, @FuckMusicBlogs. You are a sad, misinformed miserable excuse for a “music enthusiast.” If you hate this music blog scene so much, then attempt to do something about it other than trying to emulate me and regurgitate your mis-interpreted substance of my site.

So, if I see you mimicking this deplorable dumb-ass, I promise, I will crush you in the same fashion as @FuckMusicBlogs, who after reading this will surely cower in the corner of his room and cry as his “hero” has just taken a giant dump on his “movement.” Get a goddamn grip and quit jocking music blogs nuts, you intolerable imbecile.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.


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