Justin Sketch – Summertime Hustlin’ (Bought Views)

Here at BMAD, there’s nothing we enjoy more than a good old fashioned roast…and we also enjoy not having to do it ourselves (roasting all these clown takes a lot out of us!). So, thank you to whoever submitted this video with a well written roast of his or her own. Here’s what Anonymous had to say about this video:

“I’m truly embarrassed for this dude. Don’t these kids have friends to tell them how terrible they are? “Justin Sketch” is just corny, flat out. His voice, his clothes, his non-intricate 4th grade ass rhymes. If that isn’t god awful enough, he bought “likes” and views for the video. What a fucking joke. These kids are so void of talent but spend their allowance on fraudulent fame, or with Jon Kilmer. I know you guys get a lot of submissions, but this has got to be one of the worst as of late.”

Well, Justin Sketch picked a very appropriate name for himself as he most certainly is trying to buy his way into the industry (good luck, kid) in a very “skecthy” manner (see what I did there). He, without question, bought Youtube views, likes and comments. Here is how I know this. 1) The song is pure, unfiltered garbage. 2) His top demographic is 45-54 years-old men (totally my dad’s style of music). 3) All his “views” and “likes” came in the same 48 hour period. 4) Check out the comments from the video below…These are what fake comments look like. Notice how they are all very generic,vague and written in broken English. You could put these comments on any video.

BMAD Fake Youtube Comments

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