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Lryx Bad Music All Day

7 Ratings…4 comments…520 streams…50,000 VIEWS AND 11,000 DOWNLOADS! Something stands out as being a little peculiar, no? Ok, ok, surely there is a reasonable explanation for this. Let’s check his out his social media to try and make some sense out of these numbers.

Total Youtube Views: 4,602

Facebook Fans: 709

Twitter Followers: 161

Alright, well let’s not jump to any conclusions just yet. We’ll let the music speak for itself,¬†after all, he could be one of the most talented undiscovered rappers of all time based on his DatPiff stats. Let’s check out one of his videos and the quality of his music.

Welp, seems like the only logical explanation is he purchased views and downloads to boost his image on…apparently he hasn’t figured out you can buy twitter followers, Youtube views and Facebook fans too. Or, maybe he’s just waiting for next month’s¬†allowance.

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