Meet the BMAD Team:

Tom Wilson – Founder/CEO

Tom was born in the 90′s, so all he has ever known is bad music. Like most kids his age, Tom wanted to grow up to be a famous rapper, but after realizing he had absolutely no musical talent, this handsome young entreprenuer decided to form his own path in the music industry. Tom has absolutely no business being in the music industry, but somehow was able to put together a successful blog to promote all his favorite artists. He hopes to obtain his three life-long goals through the success of this blog…
1) Slap a high-five with Mike Stud
2) Be re-tweeted by Mac Miller
3) Touch a boob

Charles Fender – Gatekeeper Douche

Scott spends the majority of his time locked in his parent’s basement sorting through his toenail collection and maintaining a healthy diet of gummy worms and Mountain Dew. Having zero friends and accepting his role in society as a lifelong virgin, Scott decided to hide behind his computer and start judging aspiring musicians full-time. When you submit your music to our blog, this is the guy who decides if it is worthy of being posted.

Foreman Skinny – Random Hipster

Every successful blog needs to have a random hipster on staff to figure out what’s cool before it’s “cool.” Aside from chain smoking clove cigarettes, TJ travels the country on his used unicycle scouring local coffee shops for the next big thing in music…and as soon as we post them he goes into a deep dark depression about his new favorite band “selling out.”

Molly Moe – Ate Up EDM Expert

Molly is a complete fucking moron who knows absolutely nothing about music. Her opinions are are as worthless as her mother’s parenting skills. When Molly isn’t cutting herself or following some shitty amateur EDM “DJ” across country, she enjoys babbling about all kinds of shit that no one is gives a single fuck about. Molly sucks. We post everything she listens to.

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