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So, I’ve spent a lot of time roasting talentless, delusional rappers as well as exposing the fraudulent tactics they use to boost their online stats and depraved egos. I’d like to start spending some time tearing apart the enablers of these inept artists; the shitty, ignorant music bloggers.

The majority of the children who run these music blogs have no musical background and no understanding of song structure, musical theory, chords, harmonies or melodies. They do however, know how to say things like “dope” and “tight” when attempting to justify why they posted a song or artist. 90% of these music blogs are all the same. They race to post the same substandard songs so that they can be the first to tweet the link to the artist in hopes of gaining a new follower. They are all essentially internet prostitutes who may as well be calling out “sucky sucky five dollar!”. Instead of sharpening a skill of their own, these bloggers get their rocks off trying to become the biggest hype machine so they can feel like they are part of the scene. I encourage you to really look at the content your favorite blog is posting. I for one refuse to get my music from some uneducated child whose lifelong goal is to get a retweet from Mac Miller.

Yesterday, I received an email from someone who decided to post a comment on one of these blogs, calling them out for their miserable taste in music and utter lack of knowledge. The blog is, and the post in question was about the video from “Clev Trev” (seen above). I’d like to share the comment this guy posted and encourage others to follow suit.

“These are the shittiest lyrics I’ve EVER listened to on top of one of the BEST beats I’ve ever heard. What a COMPLETE WASTE of a song. If I was the producer of the track I would be pissed because he literally threw the DJ’s work away. There’s nothing cool about mooching off your parents and doing nothing with your life. Why would you encourage that? Especially if he’s struggled with being an addict and such, there was entirely too much potential here between the hook, the beat, and his life experiences to not bring it on this track. Lyrically its awful. I literally waited the whole song for him to turn it around and be like “But my life is getting better” or start bashing his pathetic way of life and win me over. But he never did that and I made the mistake of listening to the whole terrible song. It never got better. Really the only thing more upsetting then his lyrics as a whole is someone took the time to write down this song was good. Did you even listen to the lyrics? “His heart is in these lyrics” is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard. Don’t write about things like this. It only makes bad rappers think its a good song when it’s not and then continues to mass produce crap. Quite frankly there is enough crap in the world without us encouraging it. You want to see some heart with some old school vibe? Get some standards and go listen to some Common, kid.”

This kid was spot on. Why on Earth would you want to post a song that celebrates being an enormous pile of shit? Did this blogger even listent to the lyrics of the song, or was he too busy fighting back a boner at the thought of a new follower? Whatever the reason for posting this commendation of underachieving, the point remains the same; “Pump the Beat” has no business reviewing or sharing music with the world. Your “Blog Star” status has officially been revoked. I encourage anyone who comes across a simliar post or situation to take a minute and put these garbage bloggers in their goddamn place.


Chad HBK Haynez – F*ck With Me (Bought Views)

Hey Chad, Prepare to be Fucked With:

By: Young Bro Hard

We’ve hit an all time low with this one guys. This video contains just about everything wrong with up and comers in this game.

First and foremost: Bought views. I really can’t go too much further than what my writing accomplices have already said. Please watch this beautifully done video by our bearded founder, on the problems and pitfalls of buying fake followers/views.

Jai Paul’s “BTSTU” sample has been one of the more used tracks for producers and rappers lately, one, because it sounds amazing and is incredibly catchy, and two, because Drake hopped on it a few years back which of course inspired the likes of all to do the same.  I don’t think I’d ever heard a remix to it that I truly did not enjoy, until young Chad Haynez hopped aboard. I can get over the whiny voice, stereotypical rhyme scheme, and simpleminded vocabulary, however, when I heard three of the most overused hip-hop lines in history, back-to-back-to-back, I had to be talked back from the wood chipper I was about to jump in to.

1) “And that right there is the shit.” Slighty better that “I’M AM THE SHIT, LIKE ME LAST POO.” But, still pretty god-awful.

2) “The shit I don’t like.” As if Chief Keef hadn’t said it enough times.

3) “Just keep it one hundred.” If I hear one more rapper say “I’MMA JUST KEEP IT A HUNNID, AND GRIND ERRYDAY, NAH MEAN?” I will pull the trigger on the gun I’ve been massaging my head with throughout this song.

Lastly, I need to quickly delve in to HBK’s nauseating fashion sense. I don’t usually hate on the clothes anyone wears, because it’s all personal preference and I don’t really care what any artist looks like as long as they make good music. HOWEVER, when I see a skinny white boy dressed as this stupid 2012 hype-beast I have become so familiar with, I loose all faith in the human race. Let me run down what made me cringe during this music video, (besides the song of course, lulz).

Crooks  & Castles hat: Everyone knows that all you need to be a rapper is a microphone and some diggity-dope C & C gear, right? Wrong.

Non-prescription glasses: I am taking a leap of faith and saying the glasses rocked so well in the video are not needed for eye-sight as Chad is clearly seen without them in some of the other scenes. I’m not really sure why non-prescription glasses get me fired-up, (maybe it’s because EVERY white rapper wears them for at least one photo/ video), but they do, and that is that.

Red Solo Cup: Yes, you as a 16 year old boy needs to drink away your sorrows about the loss of a highschool girlfriend, so please, grab the nearest solo cup and fill it up with some of the strongest Natty you can find! (Oh wait…)

Showing off a tattoo: Having a tattoo is a form of expression. In and of itself, it does not make you cooler. 

Pierced nose stud: Are you Tupac? Oh, you’re not? Are you an teenage latino girl? Oh, you’re not? Then take out that silly ass nose ring.

Beats By Dre Headphones: The number of kids that Dr. Dre has brainwashed with his headphones is mind-boggling. They are awful quality headphones, look cheaply produced and un-professional, yet still hundreds and hundreds of dollars get spent to look cooler in front of peers and the media by wearing them. At least Haynez was wearing them around his head, because if they weren’t on his ears, I can guarantee you I would have ripped them off his neck and fed them to the nearest lion, (but if I had seen him in person I would have already called him clown shoes and ripped out his silly nose ring, so I don’t know how much more he could have taken…).

All in all, he looks like a Hi-Rez knock off with less talent, (is that possible?), and raps about issues less relevant than than the whereabouts of The Situation from The Jersey Shore, AND let’s not forget, he buys views to warm his sad little heart up at night! Wanna see how we know he buys views? Look at the picture below.

BMAD | Exposed Bought Youtube Views

Notice how all his views jumped up roughly 10,000 over the course of a couple days and then leveled out with literally no increase after. That is a clear indication that he bought views.

Frat Rap Boy Band

BMAD | Frat rap Boy Band

It’s only a matter of time before we see the debut of a frat rap boy band. I’m sure somewhere in a secret lab at one of the majors, they’re cooking up some cookie-cutter boy band full of adolescent rappers in snap-backs and high tops. But why waste all that time and effort trying to build from scratch, when you could make a killing pulling some of the biggest names from the blog scene and throwing them into a group together.

Shit, any girl from ages 7-18 is going to be an instant loyal fan. When you combine that with Mike Stud’s fanbase of 12-16 year-old male virgins, Hoodie Allen’s hold on hipsters and mainstream appeal (shit even my mom likes Hoodie), Machine Gun Kelly’s die hard alleginace of “power ragers,” Sammy Adam’s brotherhood of drunken brain dead frat bros and Jake Miller’s dad’s money, you literally have a fucking goldmine! These five together cover every demographic known to man and I firmly believe they would eclipse any previous record for touring, sales, merchandise, etc. held by former boy bands.

Get at me if you need a manager, I’d love to take 15% of a billion dollars.

Best DJ Prank. Ever.

Dude, wait till you hear this DROP! This DJ’s buddy edited his Rihanna track to make for the single greatest prank on a DJ, ever.

BMAD | Buying Twitter Followers Exposed

The other day, I decided to expose this relatively new trend of buying twitter followers by showing just how easy it is to do. As of a couple days ago, my badmusicallday twitter account had 54 followers. After searching the internet for roughly 30 seconds, I found literally 100′s of sites where I could spend as little as $5 to purchase up to 25,000 twitter followers overnight. So I spent $5, and 24 hours later I had 28,000 twitter followers!

If you know of an artist buying online stats (youtube views, facebook likes, twitter followers, etc…), please send them to us at OR use our submission form right here on the website.

I Don’t Hate Lil Wayne, I Just Can’t Listen To Him Anymore…

Bad Music All Day

Anyone else find it appropriate that Weezy paints himself as a clown on the cover of the Dedication 4? That’s kind of what he’s become in the rap game as of late, just a clown that no one can really take seriously. I mean, respect to Wayne for dropping ANOTHER free mixtape for his fans, but what happened to the Lil Wayne from 3 or 4 years ago? To argue that he hasn’t completely fallen off would be like saying Brett Favre should come back out of retirement…again.  Regardless, I don’t hate Mr. Carter, but I can say with confidence, I’m done listening to him for a loooong time…probably forever.

Justin Sketch – Summertime Hustlin’ (Bought Views)

Here at BMAD, there’s nothing we enjoy more than a good old fashioned roast…and we also enjoy not having to do it ourselves (roasting all these clown takes a lot out of us!). So, thank you to whoever submitted this video with a well written roast of his or her own. Here’s what Anonymous had to say about this video:

“I’m truly embarrassed for this dude. Don’t these kids have friends to tell them how terrible they are? “Justin Sketch” is just corny, flat out. His voice, his clothes, his non-intricate 4th grade ass rhymes. If that isn’t god awful enough, he bought “likes” and views for the video. What a fucking joke. These kids are so void of talent but spend their allowance on fraudulent fame, or with Jon Kilmer. I know you guys get a lot of submissions, but this has got to be one of the worst as of late.”

Well, Justin Sketch picked a very appropriate name for himself as he most certainly is trying to buy his way into the industry (good luck, kid) in a very “skecthy” manner (see what I did there). He, without question, bought Youtube views, likes and comments. Here is how I know this. 1) The song is pure, unfiltered garbage. 2) His top demographic is 45-54 years-old men (totally my dad’s style of music). 3) All his “views” and “likes” came in the same 48 hour period. 4) Check out the comments from the video below…These are what fake comments look like. Notice how they are all very generic,vague and written in broken English. You could put these comments on any video.

BMAD Fake Youtube Comments

T Holy In A Groundbreaking Music Video…

Dude looks like Huey Mack ate Justin Bieber…truly an original concept for a music video though. Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Bad Music All Day

How Lil B Got Based…

Lil B 4 years ago…

Lil B 3 years ago…

Lil B yesterday…

I hate Lil B fans…you’re everything wrong with the music industry.

Dear Taylor Swift…

Dear Taylor Swift, I am never ever listening to your songs again…like, EVER.

By: Some New Broad

Taylor Swift recently captured the attention of the music world by breaking Billboard’s digital sales record with her new track “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, a song about some guy that got sick of her and then wanted to bang her one more time and then broke up with her again. Now she’s stepping up to the plate and calling him on his shit in the way she best expresses herself, basic lyrics (an I Can Read! Book Level 3) and a simple guitar strum.

What bothers me most: all of her songs revolve around some guy who is calling all the shots and has more control over her than Kate Upton cat daddy-ing has over a college freshman with the room to himself for ten seconds. Examples: “He’s got one hand on the steering wheel, the other on my heart” (from “Our Song”), “he says everything I need to hear and it’s like I couldn’t ask for anything better” (from “The Way I Loved You”), and “dreaming about the day when you wake up and find that what you’re looking for has been here the whole time” (from “You Belong With Me”). Even the subtext gives her absolutely no agency, as if she doesn’t have a drivers license or can’t operate a phone (green button to call, T-Swift).

Taylor Swift’s audience is primarily pre-teen girls selling out their local Walmart’s fabric paint supply, designing t-shirts to wear to her “It’s Hard Being A Chick Sing-Along” concerts. These girls are making this disrespected, mistreated, naive blonde their goddess because they understand what it’s like to feel insecure and the only one without a date to the spring fling. As a role model, shouldn’t she be a little more concerned with the example she’s setting for these kids? Instead of “I stare at the phone, he still hasn’t called” can’t you go do, I don’t know, ANYTHING ELSE? Waiting around for a man is possibly the most pathetic thing ever, and instead of giving any guy the power of deciding your happiness, just channel Beyonce and be all “I could have another you in a minute”. And, bonus, guys will actually respect you more and want to spend time with you instead of dumping you 24/7 if you have your own life, happiness that doesn’t depend on them, and are independent and generally awesome.

On that note, shouts to the biggest bro in music (other than Kanye West), John Mayer, for
inviting her to ‘collaborate’ on the song “Half of My Heart” so that he could take advantage of
her Romeo complex and bang the cutie every college age dude seems to have a raging boner for…I guess her bahhhdy is a wonderland? “Dear John” is the best (worst) song she’s ever written; it’s like she missed the memo about John Mayer and his Rolling-Stone-debut as the world’s biggest douche – and John didn’t even let her have the glory of a serious collab, mixing her vocals so low they’re basically inaudible.