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So, I’ve spent a lot of time roasting talentless, delusional rappers as well as exposing the fraudulent tactics they use to boost their online stats and depraved egos. I’d like to start spending some time tearing apart the enablers of these inept artists; the shitty, ignorant music bloggers.

The majority of the children who run these music blogs have no musical background and no understanding of song structure, musical theory, chords, harmonies or melodies. They do however, know how to say things like “dope” and “tight” when attempting to justify why they posted a song or artist. 90% of these music blogs are all the same. They race to post the same substandard songs so that they can be the first to tweet the link to the artist in hopes of gaining a new follower. They are all essentially internet prostitutes who may as well be calling out “sucky sucky five dollar!”. Instead of sharpening a skill of their own, these bloggers get their rocks off trying to become the biggest hype machine so they can feel like they are part of the scene. I encourage you to really look at the content your favorite blog is posting. I for one refuse to get my music from some uneducated child whose lifelong goal is to get a retweet from Mac Miller.

Yesterday, I received an email from someone who decided to post a comment on one of these blogs, calling them out for their miserable taste in music and utter lack of knowledge. The blog is, and the post in question was about the video from “Clev Trev” (seen above). I’d like to share the comment this guy posted and encourage others to follow suit.

“These are the shittiest lyrics I’ve EVER listened to on top of one of the BEST beats I’ve ever heard. What a COMPLETE WASTE of a song. If I was the producer of the track I would be pissed because he literally threw the DJ’s work away. There’s nothing cool about mooching off your parents and doing nothing with your life. Why would you encourage that? Especially if he’s struggled with being an addict and such, there was entirely too much potential here between the hook, the beat, and his life experiences to not bring it on this track. Lyrically its awful. I literally waited the whole song for him to turn it around and be like “But my life is getting better” or start bashing his pathetic way of life and win me over. But he never did that and I made the mistake of listening to the whole terrible song. It never got better. Really the only thing more upsetting then his lyrics as a whole is someone took the time to write down this song was good. Did you even listen to the lyrics? “His heart is in these lyrics” is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard. Don’t write about things like this. It only makes bad rappers think its a good song when it’s not and then continues to mass produce crap. Quite frankly there is enough crap in the world without us encouraging it. You want to see some heart with some old school vibe? Get some standards and go listen to some Common, kid.”

This kid was spot on. Why on Earth would you want to post a song that celebrates being an enormous pile of shit? Did this blogger even listent to the lyrics of the song, or was he too busy fighting back a boner at the thought of a new follower? Whatever the reason for posting this commendation of underachieving, the point remains the same; “Pump the Beat” has no business reviewing or sharing music with the world. Your “Blog Star” status has officially been revoked. I encourage anyone who comes across a simliar post or situation to take a minute and put these garbage bloggers in their goddamn place.