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I Don’t Hate Lil Wayne, I Just Can’t Listen To Him Anymore…

Bad Music All Day

Anyone else find it appropriate that Weezy paints himself as a clown on the cover of the Dedication 4? That’s kind of what he’s become in the rap game as of late, just a clown that no one can really take seriously. I mean, respect to Wayne for dropping ANOTHER free mixtape for his fans, but what happened to the Lil Wayne from 3 or 4 years ago? To argue that he hasn’t completely fallen off would be like saying Brett Favre should come back out of retirement…again.  Regardless, I don’t hate Mr. Carter, but I can say with confidence, I’m done listening to him for a loooong time…probably forever.

T Holy In A Groundbreaking Music Video…

Dude looks like Huey Mack ate Justin Bieber…truly an original concept for a music video though. Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Bad Music All Day

3 Dickheads w/ Guitars – SEC Bound

It seems as if Mizzou trying to become the laughing stock of not just the SEC, but major Universities in general. How many garbage ass songs does one University need to release before someone steps in and teaches them a lesson? I’ll be at Mizzou next weekend for the Georgia game, and if I run into any of these little turds, I can assure you, tears will be shed.


DaVe MaC…Rapping…I guess

Shoving a roll of quarters down your dick hole would be less painful than having to listen to this clown who calls himself “DaVe MaC.”

I just don’t understand what goes on inside these kids’ heads. I mean, if you can’t make a layup, then you shouldn’t play basketball. Similarly, if you don’t have rhythm, you shouldn’t be a rapper. What on Earth is giving these kids the impression that it’s ok to rap and make these videos without even one ounce of discernible talent? Where the HELL are their parents?!?!


Diggy Splash & the Bad Decisions – AQUAFRESH

Diggy Splash is unmistakably a miserable attempt at imitating male prostitute and horrendous “rapper”  Mickey Avalon…only much much worse. Aside from this video looking like the world’s least fun acid trip, the audio sounds like it was recorded on a Talkboy. It’s hard to explain my hatred towards everyone involved in producing this video and song, but to put it lightly, if you can listen to this for longer than 30 seconds without shoving sharpened pencils in your ear holes, you, along with Diggy, should be sterilized and thrown into the middle of the ocean.

Tesher – The Hookup (feat. Justin Timberlake)…wait, WHAT?

Here’s a popular trend bad “artists” use in order to try and boost their views. Make a song “featuring” a very famous mainstream artist…you’re not fooling anyone, pal. The odds of Justin Timberlake hopping on this track are about the same odds as Katy Perry showing up butt naked at my doorstep. Quit trying to be sneaky! No one is going to believe you, and it makes you look ridiculous. If you’re going to remix a song, just call it a remix, don’t say “featuring so and so.” I can just picture it….

Tesher“Hey dude, check out my new track featuring Justin Timberlake!”

Anyone Else on Earth“There is no chance that you have a song with Justin Timberlake and even less of a chance that I will ever listen to one of your songs.” 

Tesher“Nuh Uh! Justin Timberlake is totally on my song…hater!”

Anyone Else on Earth – (punches Tesher in the stomach, and walks away)

Seriously, this song is horrendous. Really glad he decided to post the lyrics with the video though…truly some thought provoking, mind-blowing lyricism going on here.

Lil B – Fu*k Me

Let’s take all the people on Earth that actually think this is GOOD music, and throw them in that underground pit prison in The Dark Knight Rises…only without a fucking rope. I don’t want any of these people even having the opportunity to rejoin society.

Forbes List of 10 Highest Paid DJs…#7 Pauly D

pauly d

Over the past 12 months, the world’s ten highest paid DJs pulled in over $125 million…more than the payroll of the Los Angeles Lakers. And what’s even worse; Pauly Fucking D came in at #7, raking in $11 million from “Dj-ing.”

I recently, unwillingly had the (dis) pleasure of watching a Pauly D DJ set. Aside from fist pumping and playing a glorified EDM Pandora station, the king of GTL spent the majority of his time on stage spraying the crowd with Champagne and rattling off “clever” guido inspired catch phrases. It was hands down one of the dumbest things I’ve ever witnessed. This is what’s wrong with the music industry…wanna book Pauly D? It’ll cost you a cool $100,000 MINIMUM! Meanwhile, I know about a thousand starving artists with more talent in their dick hair who all struggle to get people out to their shows. I hate everyone.

forbes highest paid DJs

Who is the Worst Artist Named “Steezy?”

It has come to my attention that there is a community of shitty/delusional “rappers” all calling themselves “Steezy.” I’m not sure if they are some sort of deaf cult or if this is purely the world’s least interesting coincidence…anyway, only ONE Steezy can be crowned the WORST Steezy, check out the videos below and help us decide!

Contestant #1:

Contestant #2:

* Important side note to take into consideration, this Steezy’s debut mixtape was titled “Steezier Said Than Done…”

Contestant #3:

Contestant #4:

Contestant #5:

Contestant #6:

Contestant #7:

* Important lyric to consider: “I’ll eat your ass and leave no crumbs…”

Contestant #8:

Contestant #9:

Contestant #10:

Neto – Chill

Official winner of the 2012 Rap Video Special Olympics!!